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Aretac™ Vision

Your Content, Your Devices, One Headset

Vision features 4K resolution (1920x2160 per eye) making the screen-door effect (noticeable display pixels) virtually nonexistent. It is one of the first VR headsets that uses a lightweight USB-C cable. With an over 100-degree field of view, a headphone jack,  and a comfortable ergonomic strap, Aretac™ Vision is one of the best VR headsets available.

2D to VR Technology

Vision is the first virtual reality headset that can replace your monitor. With 2D to VR technology, Aretac™ Vision is backwards compatible. Vision can be used with content that wasn’t originally intended for VR, turning existing 2D content into stereoscopic (VR) content. Be prepared to rediscover your entire library of games and movies in realistic and immersive VR.

BackTrack Motion Tracking

BackTrack Motion Tracking adds seated, standing, and roomscale motion tracking to almost any video game. It is made possible by taking the positional and rotational tracking from Aretac™ Vision and changing the motion tracking data to something your computer will understand. BackTrack compatible with Windows, and we are hard at work to add support for other devices including Mac OS X, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and much more.


Aretac™ Vision is not just backwards compatible. It is “forwards” compatible with full SteamVR support. Play your favorite virtual reality games seated, standing, and roomscale with SteamVR 2.0 motion tracking.


Every Vision comes with a device called Aretac™ Connect. Connect allows you to connect up to four devices (e.g. PC (Windows/Mac/Linux, Blu-ray/DVD player, Console, DVR, etc.)  to its USB-C inputs and up to four displays (Aretac™ Visions, monitors, TVs) to its outputs. If you're by yourself, you can hook up your Xbox One, PS4, computer, and DVR to the inputs and connect your Aretac™ Vision to one of the outputs. Then you can freely switch between your devices as you wish. If you have the family pack, connect your Blu-ray player to one of the inputs and then connect the four Visions to the outputs. Now the whole family can watch a movie together! If you can’t decide on a movie, hook up your other devices and then everyone can watch something different at the same time. No more fighting over the TV remote.

Virtual Multi-Display

Aretac™ Vision can be used for more than just entertainment. With VMD, you can have up to three virtual displays simulating a multi-monitor setup.  Switch between virtual displays with ease by turning your head. The virtual displays are full screen, maximizing display real estate while eliminating bezels. VMD is great for video and photo editing, business, school, etc. Remove distractions from your workplace and multitask like never before.


Standard Edition

Standard Edition is great for watching movies and TV shows. Vision is in a sense a stereoscopic (VR) monitor. You can use Vision for anything you use a monitor for. You can use it to create an excel spreadsheet for work and an essay for school. You can watch Netflix or search Google for a recipe. The possibilities are endless.

Gamer Edition

Gamer Edition includes two VR controllers (for your right and left hand) and two SteamVR 2.0 base stations (positional trackers). This allows you to play SteamVR virtual reality games. With the help of BackTrack motion tracking you can add positional tracking to any video game old or new. 


What's Included:
Standard Edition:

Aretac™ Vision (x1)

Aretac™ Connect (x1)

Gamer Edition:

Aretac™ Vision (x1)

Aretac™ Connect (x1)

Aretac™ Controller (x2)

SteamVR Tracking Base Station 2.0 (x2)