Four years ago when I was 16 I had an idea. What if you could use a virtual reality headset like a monitor? I wanted a headset that I could play any video game without worrying about compatibility issues. To do this I needed to turn 2D games into virtual reality games. Only a couple of months later I had a fully functioning prototype. Made from a shoe box, two 480p displays, some off the shelf prototyping PCBs and a couple of lenses. Now after four years of development with the help of a awesome team of engineers we have turned my shoe box prototype into a viable product called Aretac™ Vision. Vision is the first backwards compatible virtual reality headset that allows you to turn 2D content into stereoscopic (VR) content. But we didn’t stop there. We added more awesome features including BackTrack™ motion tracking, full SteamVR support, and Virtual Multi Display. We also designed a companion device called Aretac™ Connect. Connect allows you to use up to four Aretac™ Visions (or monitors/TVs) at the same time on four different devices. This gives Vision split screen support (the only VR headset to do so). After extensive research, prototyping, testing, and development. We are finally ready to announce Aretac™ Vision.